Special Feature on 'Bangla Bhai'


Bangladesh’s most dreaded terrorist Bangla Bhai is captured today in northern Mymensingh district after a fierce gunfight with Bangladesh’s security forces.

Siddiqul Islam alias Bangla Bhai, the top-most wanted militant and the second in command of JMB, was arrested along with his wife and five associates from village Rampur under Muktagacha upazila in Mymensingh district yesterday at about 7:45am.  [ Read Latest News]


'Fictitious character' becomes real:


Past speaks: These pictures show how Bangla Bhai was protected by the administration in his heydays. The militant chief comes out of the Rajshahi police super's office and speaks to his cadres; he marches through village; A The Daily Star reporter interviews him at a UP chairman's office; a police van escorts his procession. PHOTO Courtesy: Daily Star.



MM's Past Campaign:

MM launched the following appeal on May 30, 2004 when Siddiqul Islam, alias "Bangla Bhai”, the leader of radical Islamist organization Jagrata Muslim Janata Bangladesh (Awakened Muslim Masses of Bangladesh), known in popular usage as the JMJB, started terrorizing the masses in the western and southwestern parts of Bangladesh. 

Self-declared Leader ‘Bangla Bhai’ Should be Brought to Justice...


Current News:

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Bangla Bhai not creation of media Daily Star, 26 minutes ago


Latest news on Bangla bhai... 



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