The nexus of Khaleda, Nizami and “Bangla Bhai” harming Bangladesh  

By Shiraj Uddin Shopon 

Notwithstanding many of the Über Alles folks’ view that everything is fine and dandy in Bangladesh it is my ardent belief our Sonar Bangla has become a den of the Islamic fundamentalists as time passes by.  When the Talibans were retreating from Afghanistan, they were looking for a shelter.  The sympathizers of Talibans in Pakistan got the best shelter in Bangladesh ruled by the fundy government of Jamaat-BNP under Nizami-Khaleda.  Mr. Bertil Lintner wrote all about this in 2002.  Not only that the Bangladeshi semi-Islamic and fundamentalist supporters and sympathizers have rigged the election in 2001 they had lent their support to install a puppet pro-Pakistani and pro-Saudi government in Dhaka.  The characterless Bangladeshi Jamaati fundies have accepted a one-time beauty queen to be the supreme leader of their clique.  Readers may have seen her pictures and I bet they will not miss her allure even at this advance age. She dresses and acts anachronistically, to say the least.  She wears transparent see through costumes perhaps to attract the Houri-loving Jamaati Mullahs.  She enjoys the fundy bees around her!  With her allure, she is even fooling the foreign diplomats through her beguiling appearance.  Nonetheless, she is a diehard supporter of the Bangladeshi fundies.  This is why she is sharing power with the notorious fundamentalist Jamaat-i-Islami and Islami Oyikko Jot of Bangladesh and lately she condones the vigilante force’s action of an Islamic outfit in western Bangladesh.


We have been getting horrible news of Talibanization of Bangladesh since the day this fundy government of Nizami-Khaleda took control of the government in October 2001.  Thanks to retired Justice Latifur Rahman and his close circle of ex-bureaucrats for the predictable election outcome.  Since then, the cadres of BNP and Jamaat killed many Hindus, looted their property, and forced them to leave Bangladesh.  The fundy government sheltered and protected the fundamentalists and Wahhabi Islamists all over Bangladesh.  The Talibani outfits are active in different parts of Bangladesh.  Khaleda has given them unlimited support, resources and shelter.  A terrible Bangladeshi Taliban by the name “Bangla Bhai” is ruling the West and southwest parts of Bangladesh.  The Jamaati police of Nizami-Khaleda are giving a cover up and the government supports for establishing Talibani rule of Bangla Bhai for the time being in western part of the nation.  Many a reader may know that Afghan Mullah Omar captured Afghanistan with the support of Pakistani police and military.  Afghanistan later became a safe den for the Islamists and terrorists.  Likewise, Bangladesh is becoming another Afghanistan under the support of the pro-Pakistani Khaleda-Nizami fundy government.


I bet, a number of Über Alles Bangladeshis had become upset when I finger point to their loving leader, Khaleda. These “military-generation” [some say Zia Generation] Bangladeshis live in a utopian land where they want to see the Beauty Queen of Bangladesh rule a la the Queen of Hearts as mentioned in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’  They do not mind seeing the Houri-loving Jamaati fundies such as Nizami, Mujahid, and others such as Shaik-ul-Hadis, Delwar Hossain Saidee around the beguiling face.  In a published photo in the newspaper I have seen Bangla Bhai and two other hujurs seated in the floor a la Islamic fashion as a framed photo of the beauty queen hangs in the wall above their head.  Thus, one could see how Bangla Bhai is connected to the fundy patron and the beauty queen of Bangladesh.  There should not be any doubt left on the fact that Bangladeshi Taliban “Bangla Bhai” is an ardent follower of the queen.  The BNP-Jamaat government, MPs, other leaders and police provide active support to “Bangla Bhai” and JMJ men with Khaleda-Nizami’s blessings.



Under the patronage of Nizami and Khaleda, the Bangladeshi Talibans are becoming more desperate day by day.  “Bangla Bhai” has become more hopeful to control whole Bangladesh someday.  But, cunning Khaleda and her cohorts sometime get embarrassed when the Bangladeshi Talibans go off the limit.  They realize that an impoverished country such as Bangladesh needs Uncle Sam's help.  Especially, she needs donor countries money to build her family’s wealth with her son receiving the largest share.  Uncle Sam does not like off-the-limit activities of the Bangladeshi moderate fundies.  So, they give some pressure when things go too far beyond the limit.  The actress knows the art of cajoling too!  In order to please the donors she gave an order to arrest “Bangla Bhai” and I bet, she gave another order to her Cadre police to let “Bangla Bhai” escape.  This art of acting in a dual role she learnt from her Pakistani military friends in the “difficult days” of1971.  The world now knows the dual role of Pakistani military rulers in capturing Afghan Talibans.  Readers may know the beauty queen is following the footsteps of Pakistani ISI.  Uncle Sam should not let the actress play the dual role.  She must detach herself from the fundies like “Bangla Bhai”, Razakar Nizami, Al-Badar Mujahid, and other vile Jamaatis and Oikkyo-jotians   Bangladesh must be freed from the clutch of killer fundies.  In order to do this, Bangladesh must first be freed from the rule of a coalition that is dominated by the minority party, Jamaat. The sooner the donor nations realize it, the better it is for the hapless and desperate people of Bangladesh.


Shiraj Uddin Shopon pens his article from Washington D.C.


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