Appeal, Petition and Statements   


Fund Raising for Shahriar Kabir and Other Secular Activists

Humayun Azad Memorial Fund Latest: Humayun Azad Foundation Formed (click here)

A humanitarian appeal: Please help the flood stricken Bangladeshi people!! 

Online Petition: Gujarat Genocide Trials - Appeal for the Protection

First Amendment freedoms include the right to criticize Islam and Muhammad 

MM Condemns Heinous Bomb Attack on Awami League Meeting! [ Bangladesh Observer Cites Mukto-Mona ]

An Appeal: Self-declared leader ‘Bangla Bhai’ should be brought to justice  

Dr. Humayun Azad,  We are with you! (Bangla)

Appeal from Mukto-Mona to the PM of Bangladesh for social reformation

Help the wretched family of the late journalist Manik Shaha

A protest from Mukto-mona on Teresa's Miracle (Bangla)

Initiate Bilateral Talks for the River Interlinking Project

Save the Minorities from peril

Trial of the murderers of Gujarat

Call to Save Amina 

Stop Muzzling Taslima Nasrin

A Statement on Gen. Parvez Musharraf's visit in Bangladesh

Petition to stop Post-Election Violence and Minority Repression 

Call to Stop Brutal Extermination of Palestinians ! 


Call to Save Dr. Shaikh

Remove the ban on MATIR MOINA

Stop the execution of Zafran Bi Bi 

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