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A humanitarian appeal
 Please Help the Flood stricken Bangladesh People

"Thousands of people living their days out without medicine and drinking water were taken ill with diarrhoea in the northern, northeastern and central districts as the waterborne disease is spreading fast, according to news dispatches from different correspondents." - The Daily Star, July 24, 2004.


 (Picture source: Daily Jugantor, Bangladesh.  27 July 2004)


The above picture taken from Manda, a suburb of Dhaka says it all:  a housewife is wading through above waist-water towards the nearest flood shelter with her child after her house was destroyed by rising floodwaters. Currently, almost whole of Bangladesh including capital city Dhaka is under water. According to today's daily newspaper, government would seek foreign help only for post-flood rehabilitation program. But the matter of fact is, urgent help is needed now as floodwaters have made millions of people homeless. The floodwaters have already polluted wells and other water reservoirs meant for drinking water. Soon the epidemic of water-borne diseases will afflict millions of people. Our Government should not be so apathetic about accepting flood-related help from the outside world. Good sense should prevail at this time of crisis.

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2500.00 Singapore$


2668.50 US$

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December 22, 2007 03:05 PM


We urge both Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi friends alike to come forward with their helping hand for assuaging the pain and sufferings million are having in the flood stricken area. We however caution our readers to send donations to responsible organization, given the high level of corruption existing at all levels. There are other avenues available to send donations that one can look up in Bangladeshi daily newspapers. We also believe Mukto-Mona, being an internet-based humanist organization with good number of philanthropist, patriotic Bangladeshis living abroad and in Bangladesh and members from many other countries from all over the world, should be able to deliver the donations right to the folks who are hurting now without encountering any red tape. Not a penny of your donation will be spent on administering the fund; 100% will be distributed right away amongst the needy and hapless folks. Dear members, make a generous contribution through Mukto-Mona's easy link given below to make someone smile in this difficult day. No amount is too small for our impoverished folks back home.

MM has decided to go with Professor Ajoy K. Royís suggestion to rebuild one or two schools in flood affected areas after the water recedes. [For details, check  : How the donated money will be spent.]

See the latest update of MM Relief Fund activities - S$ 4361.00 (S$ 1.00 = Tk 34.14) sent to Prof. Ajoy Roy in Dhaka, and Prof. Roy acknowledged .





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A humanitarian appeal: Please help the flood stricken Bangladesh people.

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Whatever be your mode of help; we urge again - please do it on an urgent basis.

Jahed Ahmed
Rahul Gupta
R. Bonna Ahmed
Abul Kasem
Alan Levin
Avijit Roy
Dr. Alamgir Hussain
Dr. Ajoy K. Roy
Dr. A. H. Jaffor Ullah

The members of  Advisory board of Mukto-mona
July 29, 2004

For any further query please contact : charbak_bd@yahoo.com


MM news on Bangladesh Flood Situation (update)

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