Dr. Humayun Azad is no more!

Humayun Azad: Some words of bereavement from Mukto-mona Advisory Board

Dr. Humayun Azad laid to rest

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Dr. Humayun Azad Stabbed, fighting for life

  Dr. Azad showed his anxiety on death threat in Mukto-mona 

Dr. Humayn Azad in Mukto-mona

Dr. Humayn Azad talked to Mukto-Mona X-Moderator  

An open letter to the Prime Minister, leader of the main opposition, and my compatriots


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1. Freethinkers: Their one and only target 2. Obscurantists hell bent on killing freethinkers in Bangladesh!

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 Is 1971 Back?...  

Aftermath of Humayun Azad attack

A desperate appeal from Mukto-Mona to the PM of Bangladesh


"Dr. Humayun Azad's article for Mukto-mona"


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