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Let the sense of Censor Board Returns:

Remove Ban From "Matir Moina"



[Satire] Bird Thou Never Wert! By Shabnam Nadiya

People keep on blaming the government for being narrow minded, bigoted, philistines. They have blamed the Awami League government for banning Taslima Nasrin’s Lajja, they have blamed the past BNP government for banning Humayun Azad’s Nari and that contentious issue of Desh magazine, and now they are blaming the current BNP government for banning Tareq Masud’s Matir Moina...... (Read More)

A scene from the film Matir Moina, banned in Bangladesh.

Matir Moina or The Clay Bird, a film by Tareque Masud, wins critics heart with the International Critics' Prize By Peter Bradshaw

This charming, gentle film, showing in the Director's Fortnight at Cannes, is one of the real finds of the festival. It is about the experience of childhood, but draws upon unexpected reserves of drama and emotional disquiet to shed light on the world of adults, too. Set in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in the late 1960s, writer-director Tareque Masud's film tells the story of Anu, a boy whose father, Kazi, has abandoned the sophisticated European-British ways of his own youth to immerse himself in Islam...... (Read More)


Banned film wins CANNES International Critics Prize By Naeem Mohaiemmen

Friends, MATIR MOINA has become the first Bangladeshi film to win International Critics Prize at Cannes! The film is still banned by Bangladesh govt. To sign the petition calling for repeal of ban, go to this URL: http://www.petitiononline.com/moina  Naeem...... (Read More)


'Matir Moyna' gets standing ovation Forwarded By Lopa Tasneem

Last Thursday May 16th, the Directors' Fortnight section of the world renowned Cannes Film Festival opened with "Matir Moina". Marie-Perez Macia, the Fortnight Director, called director Tareque Masud, producer Catherine Masud, artists Jayanto Chattopadhyay and Rokeya Prachy, and Marin Karmitz, chief of the French distribution company MK2, to the stage. Macia, ....... (Read More)

Please read the petition and if you agree, go to the URL below to sign the petition. Please distribute this notice widely. (Petition Created by Mr. Naeem Mohaiemen)


Remove the ban on MATIR MOINA

The Bangladesh Film Censor Board (FCB) has refused to issue a censor certificate to the film MATIR MOINA (Clay Bird). This ruling overturns the earlier decision by the FCB (which is a division of the Ministry of Information) to issue an ‘uncut’ certificate to the film. In a letter to the director Tareque Masud, the FCB said the film should not be projected in public as it contains “religiously sensitive” material....... (Read and Sign)


Matir Moina and Madrasha in BD Forwarded by Farrukh Ahmed

“…His "Matir Moina" may be flawed for many reasons but saying that it will not be shown because it hurts religious feelings is hogwash. This intolerance for what may be construed as criticism of the madrassah based education system is unacceptable because it's illegal. This system is an official and formal part of public education, which is open to any public debate and critique. It seems seminaries will be kept above criticism to calm political insecurity. So madrassah protection is a priority now….”, ....... (Read More)


'Matir Moyna' did not get passport' of the Censor Board (III)  By Ajoy K. Roy

French Film Director of Jewish parentage of Poland, Roman Polanski's 'de Piamist' has been decorated with highest honour of the Cannes International film festival, the prestigious 'Palme d'Or' (Golden Palm) Award. On Sunday, 26th May, the prizes were distributed among the winners in a glittering award giving ceremony. The jury board headed by US Director David Lynch consists of nine members including actresses Sharon Stone and Michelle Yeoh. The decision to award Golden Palm to Polanski came as a surprise to many critics who opined that 'The Pianist' of being too detached and stagey. ....... (Read More)


'Matir Moyna' did not get passport' of the Censor Board(II)  By Ajoy K. Roy

Matir Moina of Tareque Masud still awaiting clearance certificate from our government controlled ‘Bangladesh film censor board’ although appeals from different enlightened citizens and organizations continuing urging the Censor Board to reverse its decision. In the meanwhile, I learnt that film has been shown at Cannes festival. In fact, this was the inaugural film to be screened at the Director’s Fortnight section of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.. ....... (Read More)


'Matir Moyna' did not get passport' of the Censor Board (I)  By Ajoy K. Roy

I don't understand the finer aspects of films. But I see many obnoxious third grade films are being made and displayed in public cinema halls, as well as in TV channels, more particularly in ATN channel. How do these films pass through ever vigilant eyes of our censoring authority. Honestly I have no idea who are these people doing the censoring job. They must be very talented, cultured and experts in this line....... (Read More)


Government bans Matir Moina  By Farrukh Ahmed

Are we sending the right message to the free world that we are a nation of tolerant, liberal and democratic people?....... (Read More)


Debate  on "Matir moyna" in Mukto-mona forum

We should have a culture of respect in terms of rule of law  By Azad Sarwar

The constitutions of every democratic country in the world have provisions to prohibit publications of certain things especially in the issues related to the integrity and security of the country, to promote and justify internal activities, among others........ (Read More)
  Replies Author Date
6090 Re: Petition to remove ban Eshon Fri  5/24/2002
6107 Re: Petition to remove ban Azad Sarwar Sat  5/25/2002
6114 Re: Petition to remove ban Eshon Sun  5/26/2002
6104 Re: Petition to remove ban Asif Saleh Sat  5/25/2002

Respose to Mr. Sarwar: Petition to remove ban on MATIR MOINA film By Jamil Asgar

Respose to Mr. Sarwar: Petition to remove ban on MATIR MOINA film By Avijit Roy

More Debate:
  Subject Author Date
6191 Re: Petition to remove ban Avijit Roy Thu  5/30/2002
6190 Re: Petition: Remove ban Jamil Asgar Thu  5/30/2002
6173 Re: Petition to remove ban Azad Sarwar Wed  5/29/2002
6172 Re: Petition: Remove ban Azad Sarwar Wed  5/29/2002



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