Mukto-mona dedicates ‘Rationalist Day’ to Humayun Azad!


Dr. Alamgir Hussain




Mukto-mona ( is an internet-congregation of Secularists, Atheists, Agnostics, Free-thinkers, Rationalists, Skeptics and Humanists of mainly Bangladeshi origin converging from all around the world. It is becoming a fast-growing and vibrant forum for discussing wide-ranging issues including religion, politics, philosophy, history, arts, science, literature, feminism, human rights and so on in an effort to promote rationalism, secularism, human rights, religious tolerance & understanding. Mukto-mona has already graced the contribution and blessings of scientists, humanists, rationalists, thinkers, philosophers and literati of international stature, namely Prof. Humayun Azad (writer, social thinker and educator; Dhaka), Prof. Sirajul Islam Chowdhury (writer, social thinker & educator; Dhaka), Prof. Ajoy Roy (Scientist, Rationalist, educator & writer; Dhaka), Dr. Jaffor Ullah (Scientist, writer & journalist; USA), Prabir Gosh (Rationalist, writer & investigator of unusual claims; Calcutta), Dr. Ghulam Murshid (Professor, author, researcher and journalist of BBC; Calcutta), James Randi (professional magician, author, lecturer, and renowned investigator of paranormal; USA), Prof. Paul Kurtz (Secular humanist, philosopher & writer; USA), Prof. Pervez Hoodbhoy (Scientist, educator & writer; Pakistan), Prof. Victor Stenger (Scientist, philosopher & author; USA), Dr. Ali Sina (author, freethinker and Rationalist, Iran)  and many more. With its stature and reputation enhancing everyday amongst intellectual community of Bangladesh and abroad since it birth in May 26, 2001 , Mukto-mona decided to celebrate Rationalist Day for the first time on 1st March, 2004 alongside other international organizations. However, as Mukto-monas were preparing for celebrating a jubilant Rationalist Day, their spirit was dampened by the tragic attack on the life of their illustrious comrade, Prof. Humayun Azad. This tragedy, however, made Mukto-mona’s ‘Rationalist Day’ celebration much more significant since this day was meant to promote rationalism, human rights, freedom of speech and religious/racial tolerance against religious bigotry and intolerance, political, communal and racist oppressions etc. Mukto-Mona has been the most vocal internet forum to protest the grievous attack on the life of their beloved comrade. Mukto-Monas also rightly chose to dedicate this highly significant day to their ailing comrade, Prof. Humayun Azad.


Despite the shock and sadness created by the brutal attack on Prof. Azad, Mukto-monas from around the world came out strong to produce many scholarly articles seeking call on people from all spheres of life to exercise humanism, rationalism, freethinking, political and nationalistic moderation, religious tolerance and harmony for making this world a truly peaceful abode for all. The participants argued that rationalism, freethinking and scientific inquiry have been the keystone for advancement in all endeavor of human development throughout history. On the backdrop of Prof. Humayun Azad tragedy, the Mukto-monas came out strong to make a doubly-determined promise push their mission of promoting humanism, secularism, rational thinking, freedom of speech and scientific inquiry in society as a means to defeat superstition, harmful social and traditional blind beliefs, religious bigotry and intolerance. Mukto-mona seeks support and cooperation from like-minded people in its missions from Bangladesh and all around the world.


Readers are encouraged to go through the articles/greeting messages submitted for Rationalist Day at the following URL:

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