The Sacrificial Cow 

Mondar M. M. A. NOVO



I was only four

My hand in yours

We walked downstairs

To join the kids’ fanfare.

As we ran here and there

A new excitement filled the air.

I saw the elders, solemn as ever

Come from the Eid prayer

And the Imam, man of Quran

Blade in hand, half insane.


Tethered to the tree

Fighting to be free

Looking at me

With sadness and fury

The humped white cow

Let out a low bellow…

Its legs tightly bound

Fell hard to the ground

As the Imam, prophet’s follower

Cried Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!


Blood thick and bright red

Poured out and the cow lay dead

Its last valiant attempt

To cheat the decree of fate,

Through the bubbles as he bled

Was a sad whimper it made.

You and the other kids in glee

Jumped and danced in utter victory

While I stood ready to cry

Looking at the white cow’s eye






You screamed in hysteria

In an undiscovered euphoria

You felt like a man

Like you had just killed a dragon!

You thrilled over the feast

Promised by the death of the beast.

You sang in delight

Holy songs of holy Eid.

I looked at the white cow’s eye

Watching it slowly die.



I felt the pain as if it were I

Who lay on the grass left to die

On its cheek I saw a tear

I knew death was in the air.

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