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"Outlawed" Taslima - A few words to ponder  Manish Paul  

Taslima Nasreen: The fine line between Private and Public Maqsoodul Haque (Mac)

1.Sayed Shamsul Haq wins the first round 2. Taslima Nasrin faces Sayed Haq  Dr. Ajoy Roy




A Statement from Mukto-mona :

Stop Muzzling Taslima Nasrin a la Bangladeshi style

Bangladesh's judiciary proved it again that they are not free. Mukto-Mona, an assembly of freethinkers mostly from Bangalee descent in the Internet, strongly denounces the recent verdict of an obscure court located in the backwater of Bangladesh vis--vis the feminist writer Ms. Taslima Nasrin. The suddenness of the court verdict surprised most freedom-loving Bangalees. And worst of all, no attorney had represented Ms. Taslima Nasrin at the court. Therefore, it was a one-sided affair. ...    (Read more)


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