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Zarqawi’s Death and Iraqi Insurgency June 10, 2006

Communalism in Undivided Bengal: Shrouding Class Conflict with Religion May 25, 2006

Kansat, Cricket and “Caretaker” May 04, 2006

Death for Apostasy and the Shariah Law: Afghanistan and Beyond  March 28, 2006

Popular Islam and Misogyny: A Case Study of Bangladesh [Part-1 | Part-2] March 15, 2006

History, Myth, Concoction and Ignorance

Synchronized Countrywide Bombing in Bangladesh: Prelude to an Islamic Revolution? Aug 20, 2005

Suicide Bombing: Anything but Islamic Jul 20, 2005

A Raped Daughter-in-Law, Mullahs and Muslims in South Asia Jul 11, 2005

An Open Letter to Professor Muhammad Yunus

Bangladesh: The Next Taliban State?

The Shariah, Mullah and Muslims in Bangladesh

Terrorism and the Divisive Polity of Bangladesh

Humayun Azad was a maverick, a brave honest man with sharp intellect

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Talash: A Review

In Response to Mr Asghar's Querries

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