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The Political Ambition of Dr. M. Yunus Bestowed with the Honor of Nobel Laureate in Peace

Remembering Enayetullah Khan’s variegated life

Who patronizes the extremists in Bangladesh?

The 8/17 blasts: No chance for justice to act on Islamic goons

Incongruity in Habib Siddiqui is a cause for concern

Avijit Roy's "Alo Hate choliyachey adharer Jatri" - an Effort to Highlight Scientific Truths Against Superstitious Beliefs

Invoking Islam to Repress and Subjugate Bengalis of East Pakistan in 1971

An afterthought of grenade attack in Habiganj: Who provides shelter for the perpetrators?

Perils of Mixing Religion With State In A Polity; Bangladesh Is A Case In Point

Genesis of grenade throwing brigade in Bangladesh

Obscurantists and hate mongers are the reason why Humayun Azad is no longer with us

Setara Hashem’s stentorian voice had produced enough cacophony in various e-forums

A gentle suggestion to Ms. Setara Hashem- Don't demonize secularists - join them! 

August 15 - a black day for Bangalees 

Badruddoza Chowhury haunted by his own creation! 

What is in store for Khaleda Zia's government? Its days are numbered 

Factoid galore by the PM won't help apprehend Human Azad's assailant

Bangladesh becoming a den of intolerant troublemakers

1. Re: Does Soul Exist? 2.Re: ON SOUL: a criticism and a comment./ fun 

Re: Islamic justice Stoning a human to death

Re: Human Brains & Religions

Re: Allah created Hell for Mirza & Co.

Re: Shame on BD PM  

Re: Hindu Burnt alive in Bangladesh 

Re: Does Soul Exist? 1. Re: Does the soul exist? A response to Mr. Choudhury 2.. Re: Does the Soul Exist? An Analysis 3. Re: Does the Soul Exist? An Analysis 4. Re: “Soul does Exists- Each human being is unique & responsible 

Re: For MC: When Almighty Allah Does Not Know 2. Re: For MC: When Almighty Allah Does Not Know 3.Re: For MC: When Almighty Allah Does Not Know

Re: Debate on 'Is the Quran God's Word?' 

Re: NTPI launched in UN-Ngo Comittee. 

Re: Eid Mobarak 




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