Some comments on Ali Sina's article titled "The Day Principles Triumphed"

By Nalinaksha 


Ali Sina Said:


.Then he equated America to the terrorists and the most despicable countries of the world, and said "often enemies resemble each other". He continued with his harangue berating the President and said Bush has not been a uniter but a divider. Then he equated America to the terrorists and the most despicable countries of the world, and said "often enemies resemble each He continued with his harangue berating the President and said Bush has not been a uniter but a divider.

 Response: Consider the 100,000 plus killed in Iraq, consider the 500,000 children who died in Iraq because of sanctions and which was then rationalised by the then Secretary of State Madeline Albright as "a tough choice", consider the fact of Osama bin laden being trained by America and then introduced in a country which had women as ministers, teachers and doctors, consider the fact that America harbours known terrorists like Emmanual Constant of Haiti--why should not American state be called a terrorist stae? For a more detailed account of America's actions read Rogue State by willium Blum.



 In one word the answer is PRINCIPLES.

Response: The PRINCIPLES that is evidenced by the history of American support for despotic regimes?


If a group of people believes that it is their God-given duty to  murder those who disagree with their belief, to subdue and humiliate  people of other religions, to beat their women, to rape (or as they  call it, give in "marriage") girls as young as nine years old, to  stone the single mothers or to behead the unbelievers, that belief  does not have to be respected. Not all beliefs deserve respect. In  fact no belief deserves respect. All beliefs must be scrutinized  weighed with facts and if found wanting, they must be discarded.  Beliefs and opinions are not sacred. What is sacred is human life  and human rights.

Response: With this touchstone how do we judge the American chest beating for "freedom"?

A cynic may ask then what about creationism. Isn't this an absurd  belief? Why a secularist would vote for a president who is a  creationist? The answer is; yes creationism is absurd. But that is  not the only absurd belief. Everyone is guilty of believing in some  absurdity. Is the belief in God logical? Or is the belief in atheism  logical? Neither of these beliefs is logical. In fact the moment you  believe you step into the realm of illogicality. All beliefs are   illogical. Beliefs do not rest on logical proof or material   evidence. That is why they are called beliefs. If they did, they  would be called facts.


The reason many secularists supported a religious candidate is  precisely because of this. We felt that the liberals have lost the notion of right and wrong. That in their zest to "respect opinions   of mankind", they are not only ignoring their human rights and their  needs but also endangering the peace of mankind.

Response: But isn't notions of "right and wrong" a matter of belief, and being matters of belief aren't they illogical as you said two paragraphs back ?

Wills names France, Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain as paragons  of enlightenment and laments that America is not like them. What  is so great about these countries? The common denominator of all   of them is moral relativism. Weren't the French high ranking...

Response: So is it moral relativism when it is okay to bombard civilian populations or to destroy their infrastructure as America has done in very recent past?

politicians who received $1.7 billion dollars in bribe of Iraq 's  oil-for-food fund from Saddam to peddle on his behalf in the UN?  Didn't several members of the UN receive kickbacks from Saddam for  the same reason and from the same fund when the Iraqi children were  dying by thousands every day for the lack of food? With all that  going on, the liberals had the chutzpa to blame America for the sanctions. Aren't these "enlightened" European countries vying with

Response: Two UN officials resigned over the sanctions. The sanctions were medieval in its brutality and they were maintained because of US insistence. Also mind you the US destroyed the water treatment plants KNOWINGLY. This led to contaminated water. Let us also not forget about depleted uranium which has led to increased cancer among Iraqis.

each other to sign trade agreements with rogue regimes such as the Iranian Mullahs, disregarding completely the fact that these are

Response: During Iraq-Iran war, US supplied Iraqi's and got Israel to supply Iranians. The idea was that Iraq and Iran should bleed each other to death. Israel holds some kind of a record in violsting UN resolutions and we of course know how much US props up Israel. Knowing US history it is not surprising when you consider that US also supported Apartheid South Africa.



The reason Bush received the vote of many secularists is because we were fed up with the liberals' hypocrisy and their moral relativism. We found Bush to be a man of principles. He does what he believes to be right. We may disagree with him but we can trust him because we

Response: I agree with you partially. Bush really believes that God talks to him Of course what does this tell you about so called "free-thinkers" who consider Bush to be principled?


This election should not be considered as a triumph of religious  fundamentalism. It is rather a triumph of principles. It is a  rebellion against decadence and moral relativism. It is a rejection  of political correctness. It is a victory of justice and truth.   We, the secularists who supported Bush, did not support him for his  religious views. We supported him because we found him to be a man   of principles. Many of his views were not popular. But he stuck to...

Response: On the contrary it is now very clear that about half the Americans consider themselves to be God's own country and do not care about loss of life and limbs for non-Americans. So if your principle is that America is right in whatever she does, then the principle is logically consistent with your action but it is one which is beyond my definition of justice and fairness.


Evil is real, just as darkness is real. Islamic fundamentalism is   evil in every sense. We need a leader to stand against this evil ...

Response: Islamic fundamentalism was also evil in the two decades when America supported and encouraged it. Do remember America is the only country which has been condemned of terrorism by the World court in the matter of Nicaragua.

 with strength of character and determination. What was Kerry's  response to Islamic Terrorism? "We'll reach out to Muslims" he said.   This is not good enough! If someone is attacking you with the  intent to kill you, you can't reach out to him. You have to defend  yourself. Kill him or you'll be killed. Muslims can't be reached.  They are not listening. They are not open to dialogues. They burn  books written critical of Islam and kill their authors. They are  like zombies programmed to kill. They are not coming to our Internet  forums and ban us if we go to theirs. (See my failed attempt to  reach out to Muslims. Try them and see if you have a better chance.)  But they are determined to kill us. Their faith is unwavering. Their  resolve is unshaken. We have no other choice but to fight back.

Response: The above paragraph is classic American. They have used such arguments in the past to justify genocide agfainst and entire people. Similar arguments were used to justify the genocide of the native Americans and the murder of 600,000 Filipinos and 4 million Vietnamese.


 These are no doctors! They have no understanding of the gravity of  the situation in which we live. Evil must be fought, terrorism must  be quashed. Truth may vary from person to person but justice is the  same to everyone. Oppression is wrong, whether it is in Iraq, Iran   or in Europe. If you can't tolerate a despot, jailing people for ...

Response: Good. Now read US history and its interventions and then say the above with a straight face.


Thanks, but no thanks! I will stick with a president who prays to his God no matter how irrational it may be but can istinguish the right from wrong and is not squeamish to say it.

Response: Which of course demonstrates only the phoney nature of your arguments! By what standards of right and wrong is the killing of 100,000 people justified?


Despite the losers' claim this election was not about the gay  rights, science vs. faith, economy or even the war. It was about  principles. It was about values, about human decency and justice.   It was a triumph of truth over political correctness and a victory   of principles over moral relativism.

Response:  I now understand why an article in Daily Mirror of UK called US " Land of the freak and home of the knave".

With best wishes.

Nalinaksha Bhattacharyya


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