Re: The Prisoner's Tale

By Jamal Hasan

 Dear Mr. Samad:

 I just finished reading your piece on your life in mullatic native land. I am sorry to know the torture and mental anguish you faced in the prison of BNP-Jamaat jote.

Mr. Samad, a few of us were always apprehensive about the rise of defeated forces in Bangladesh. During the first AL government we felt, someday Jamaat would come back and show its diabolic face once again. After the poltiical change over of 1975 our prophecy was materializing step by step.

 It was very unfortunate that prior to October 2001 election, a section of US government was sympathetic to the Bangladeshi fundies. But there was another section in US govt which was very much aware of the menacing role of the Islamists. Like in any other country there was constant competing roles in various US govt agencies. Anyway, the aftermath of 9/11 led the majority of US policy makers to come to one conclusion- global Islamic fundamentalism is a threat to mankind.

 I tell you my friend, the Bangladeshi fundamentalists will hardly find any friend in US capital in the near future. Your ordeal is well publicized. Some of my friends took the time to circulate your story among various people of power and position in the US govt. Our struggle will continue till we see a dawn of liberty and freedom from the tyranny of dark ages.

 Take care and wish you better days.

 Sincerely yours,

 Jamal Hasan