Dr. Humayun Azad laid to rest

Dear Muktomonas, 

With a heavy heart and deep sense of shock let me inform you that your beloved friend-philosopher-guide Dr. Humayun Azad, my learned colleague, has been laid to rest in his village home graveyard at Rareekhal under old Pargana Vikrampur now under a new district named Munshigang. Vikrampur is the birth place of many great sons of Bengal including Atis Deepankar, great Bhudist Scholar of ancient Bengal and Sir Jagdish Chandra Bose, the great physicist and botanist of modern Bengal. Dr, Humayun Azad is another great son of Vikrampur whose contribution to Bengali language and literature would be remembered for long time to come.  

In the evening when his body reached his village home, the common mass broke into tears remembering their beloved son who brought fame not only for himself but also for the entire Vikrampur. Humayun in his lifetime used to utter Ď I sleep only to see another new sun in my village, to hear the murmuring sound of the river that flows through his village.í Alas, Humayun will never awake from his eternal sleep to listen the whistling sound of wind, the mild rhythmic melodies of birds, hissing sound of green leaves of trees, or to see the wavy movement of yellow paddies on the field, the sleep he fell in at his Munich apartment. He was a great lover of nature. 

Earlier his body arrived at Zia International airport, Dhaka at 1-25 p.m. from Frankfurt. His wife and younger son Anannya at the airport, which took not less than two hours to complete the formalities, received his body. At the airport the president and secretary of DUTA Prof. Arefin and Prof. Akhteruzzaman respectively accompanied Mrs. Azad and her family members. The acting German Charge de affairs was also present. After the completion of airport formalities his body was taken to his university apartment 14/D, Fuller Road amidst tight security all the way from airport to university campus at 3-15 p.m. I was there. I saw how his two daughters, Mrs Azad and host of his relatives broke into tears, as his coffin was open. It is simply unbearable. For the last time, I look at his face lying in the coffin as if still in deep sleep.   

The body was then taken to Aparajeya Bangla in the campus, where his colleagues of the department of Bengali, other teachers and students paid their last respect. It is quite antipathy that Dr. Humayun Azadís mortal body was taken to University mosque where a namaje janaja was held conducted by Imam of the mosque. The atheist is offered religious rituals for emancipation of his soul, which in his lifetime he did not believe. But mockery has no limit, Dr. Wakil Ahmed, a BNP brand-intelligentsia, and who is just a pigmy in intellectualism in comparison to Late Azad and a opposer to ideals Hmayun stood for, was paying tributes saying, ĎHe was great writer. In his death we lost a prolific writer.í What a shame his scholarship is being gauged by a pigmy who in presence of Azad would never dare to open his mouth. After the namje janaja he was taken to Central Shahid Minar at 4 p.m. where a large number of common people, his friends, well-wishers, colleagues and national leaders paid last respect.  

I stood in a long queue to pay my last respect with a bunch of wild flowers to my one time colleague and a co-fighter against communalism, fundamentalism and Mullahism. Will Azad be in heaven, the existence of which he never believed, or will he be roasted continuously in habia dojokh till his soul is purified for his anti-Islamic activities in earth for which Mullahs attempted many a times to kill him. How could I forget and forgive these Mollahs and fundamentalists who made the life of Humayun and his family hell. Will the almighty great Allah forgive these creatures in human form? I donít know.                          

Ajoy Roy
27. 08. 04


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