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On Empowerment of women:

Imams Hunt for European Muslim Identity April 10, 2006

Empowerment of Women – The Legislative & Ideological Issues (Republished on Women's Day, 2006)

Virtue That Begets Vice

Muslim Nari [Muslim Women]

Concerning the Legislative Amendments towards Empowerment of Women

Empowerment of Women- Pledges & Demands 

Women Entrepreneurships Fighting Poverty & etc.

Empowerment of Women – The Ideological Issues:

Concerning the Legislative Amendments towards Empowerment of Women 

Empowerment of Women in Bangladesh – The Legislative Issues

Making of the Women MPs [Farida Majid's comment]


Other English Articles/Responses:

Bangladesh: Women’s Soccer and Lords of Darkness: 

Domestic Failures and Interventionist Conspiracy Theories:  [Part-1, Part-2

A Letter To A Marxist-Feminist 

Surviving From The Assassination Attempt on “Democracy of Bangladesh"

Living With Floods And Cyclones

Darfur: A Conundrum of Humanitarian Crisis

Khaleda Zia's hypocritical posture of accepting "moderate Islam" - Response to Jamal Hasan

Let Us Mend Our Shoes First

"Hijab": "Headscarf" or "Purdah"  [Aparthib's response] [Mohammad Asghar's response ]

Driving The Wheels of Progress 

From "Udichi" to "Hazarat Shah Jalal"

Fundamentalism and Democracy [ Amit Das's response ]

The Ace Word, “Sorry”

Re: Children Without Dad [God of small things]

FBCCI’s “Agenda For Action”-- Good Words: Waiting To See Good Deeds 

NGOs to Face New Curbs in Bangladesh 

1. Response to Peter 2. Re: In Peter's support 3. Re: In Peter's support

Assassination Attempt on Dr. Humayun Azad & Related Issues: 


Response to Mohammad Asghar: Re: In the name of law (or in the cause of Islam) -1  Re: In the name of law (or for the cause of Islam?) -2 

Re: Dr. Kamal Hossain - a man without conviction

Re: Declaration of Independence

Re: Historic 7th March and Parents of our Nation

Historic 7th March and Parents of our Nation

Norway: State church - yes or no?

Rationalist Day & Dr. Humayun Azad

In Memory of Giordano Bruno (1548-1600)

“Kaler Dhulo-e Lekha”-The Epilogue?


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