US Election 2004
Thoughts at the Final Moments


Jahed Ahmed & Avijit Roy  
Moderation team, Mukto-Mona


Whether one supports Bush , or Kerry- one thing is clear: US election 2004 is like no other election in the past. America's national security is at stake, within country there are other crisis' as well: crisis of economy, science, health benefits, social security system , to list a few. Outside USA, the biggest crisis America facing today probably is 'crisis of image'. Those who tend to dismiss such crisis as 'nonexistent' ,or 'restricted to Muslim world only' are deceiving none but themselves for it has not been even a month Daily News reported- with the only exception of Poland, majority people of all countries even in Europe dislike Bush's handling of war, alienating friends and aspire to see Kerry in the oval office in Washington DC. One might ask: why care about Europe, or rest of the world? Answer partly lies in Iraq experience. If only one thing war in Iraq has proved before America, then it is: be it however sophisticated, with military strength alone we cannot win a war, much less peace. Probably this is why President Franklin D. Roosevelt during WW II commented: "when peace has been broken any where; peace elsewhere in the world is in danger."
It's the most important prerequisite, as we believe, that in order to win the peace at home and abroad, America get rid of its unfortunate "warmonger" image. Let us make use of the most powerful weapon available at our disposal: our reasoning capacity. After all, we all have experiences- "an angry man is a mad man". An angry person cannot think rationally. If you are angry, you are more vulnerable to your enemy. It seems there is no place for 'reasoning' in current US administrations; at least not so long as George W. Bush heads USA. Or else how could you expect such jingoistic statement as "either you're with us, or you're against us" or, President's overt admission that his policy is guided and inspired by "divine power". How is he different from his Arab counterpart?
If rationale is what you value most, then we hope you have taken note of President Clinton's comments at City University of New York in that- the best way to ensure our safety inside is to ensure "we have less enemy and more friends outside". If you consider this a "submissive attitude", then your definition of "boldness" must be nothing more than cavalier audacity. And think what? That too is tainted with such timid record that you joined "National Guard" to avert going  to Vietnam war. Even within "National Guard" you didn't appear for Medical exam and were out of duty for six months (to help your dad's friend win election in Alabama but only in vain!). You have explanations? We have a question. Why did you then hide the files from public unless "Associated Press" sued using "Freedom of Information Act" and won the case?  
Sorry, we cannot let  America down.  That would be too bad for the rest of the world and of course, America herself. She needs a leader with vision, not any business elite with separation (tendency). 


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