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There is NO super human, please! No body is the *best* ever! 

Re: Humayun Azad and Taslima Nasrin

1. Re: Idiotic clown - "Peter" : Moderator pls do something!  2.Who should put down their weapons? Arabs or Usa ?

Re: Sobi Allah'r ichha !! (Everything is Gods Will!) [Bangla] 

Re: Allah created Hell for Mirza & Co (and heaven for Farook ???) 

  Response to Jahed:  on Taslima Nasrin's silence-1,   Response to Jahed: Taslima Nasrin's silence-2 

Response to Shahadat: Attack on Prof. Azad; Crocodile Cries of Shamsul Haque

On the eve of Rational Day ---HUMAYUN AZAD STABBED....

1. Re: For MC: When Almighty Allah Does Know Everything 2. Re: Hajrat Muhammad's wives a last question ! 

A confession from Richard Maclnee's, the U19 coach of Bangladesh 

Assembly OK's Islamic scarf ban in France !

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