Mukto-Mona Activism in Sylhet

Published on February 13, 2007

Pic: Mukto-Mona Banner is hanging on Sylhet Shahjlal University Gate.

Pic: Mukto-Mona Banner is on MC college gate.


Pic: Another Mukto-Mona Banner is on MC college.

The above three photos were taken from various educational institutes of Sylhet on Sun, 29 May 2005. These photos are self-explanatory. The enthusiasm for Mukto-Mona even in remote Mullah dominated Sylhet of Bangladesh proves Mukto-Mona is no more a amateurish organization, it eventually came out as a powerful movement among the progressive common mass. It is to be mentioned that our freethinker friends did all the secular activism in Sylhet out of their passion - totally voluntarily, and we were not even aware of their prior activism. Sociability, at whatever level it may be, requires sacrifice of selfish comforts, and our members from Sylhet have proved it once again.

Hats Off! A Salute to our passionate members of Sylhet.

Avijit Roy