Report on daylong Conference on Einstein

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Published in MM on April 01, 2006


As earlier reported that a daylong conference is being organized by Platform for Education Movement to observe the `World of Physics 2005’ concentrating on Einstein’s revolutionary research works published in 1905 dealing with thermodynamical behaviour light in a blackbody, random motion of material particles such as pollen grains suspended in liquid, electromagnetic behavior of electron and invention of special theory of relativity.


The seminar was held yesterday at the auditorium of faculty of business studies, DU from 9-30 a.m. to 6-30 p.m. with tea and lunch break. With almost pin-drop silence not less than 300 hundreds participants listened the illuminating lectures present in a very lucid and popular style by the celebrated intellectuals of our country. All papers were written and presented in intelligible Bengali style. Which characterizes the seminar was each session followed an open question-discussion time for the general audience, which involved highly educated and intelligent people to inquisitive students. Each session followed lively inquisitive discussion. The learned speakers gave satisfying response.


The entire seminar was split in to several sessions: 

First Session Split into Two parts: General theme: Einstein’s World of Physics.

Chaired by Professor Ajoy K. Roy 

In Part I, two papers were presented: (9-30 - 11.30) 

  1. Random Brownian Motion And Einstein: Dr. Showkat Akbar, PSO, and Head, Nuclear Energy and Fuel Division, AEC
  2. Photoelectric Phenomenon : Prof. H. M. Sengupta, Professor of Physics (retd.), DU

This followed a tea break (11-30 to 11-45 a.m.)


Part II: in this session following three papers were presented: (12 – 1-30 p.m.)


  1. Space-Time-Content: Prof. Ahmed Shafi, Professor of Physic, DU
  2. Einstein’s General Theory of relativity and Cosmology of Universe: Prof. A. M. Harun ar Rashid, Professor of Physics (retd.), DU.
  3. Present status of the Universe and its future: Prof. Jamal Nazrul Islam, UGC Professor, Chittagong University

(As Professor Islam was away to London on the same day, Professor Ajoy K. Roy presented his paper on his behalf)


Second Session: Prize distribution of Essay Competition. The essay competition was divided into two groups:

    1. Younger group (class IX-XII) : Sbject- Einstein as a scientist.
    2. Senior Group (University level ): Einstein as a humanist


Following were awarded declared best essay writers:


Younger group: Grade A: (in alphabetical order)

  1. Dipanjan Krishna Bhattacharya, Balubari, Dinajpur town
  2. Abdullah Al Mamun, Mirpur, Dhaka
  3. Soheli Sarmin Sathi, Shah Abdul Karim Road, Jessore


Senior Group:  Grade A: (in alphabetical order) 

  1. Malay Kumar Biswas, Dhaka University
  2. Maqbulur Rahman, Madhya Badda, Gulshan 1
  3. Rajib Sarkar, Jagannath Hall, Dhaka University


Lunch Break: 2-00 to 2-45 p.m. 

Third Session: General Theme:  Philosophy of Science and Einstein’s thoughts

Chaired by Bashir Al Helal (3 – 6-30 p.m.)

Following papers were presented:


  1. Quantum Reality and Physical Reality: Einstein – Bohr – Rabindranath: Prof. Ajoy K. Roy, Professor of Physics (retd), DU
  2. Albert Einstein: The Great saint of Cosmic Religion: Prof. Jatin Sarkar, Professor of Bengali (retd), Nasirabad College, Mymensingh
  3. Philosophy of Einstein and Positivism: Prof. Shahidul Islam, Professor of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Technology, RU

Large number of participants took part in the discussion. The seminar ended at 6-30 p.m. In my next part of the report I would provide a brief resume of conference proceeding touching each paper presented in the conference.

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