5th Year of Reason, Science & Understanding:
Mukto-Mona plans to Celebrate 5th Anniversary
on 25th May!

Mukto-mona Advisory Team


Call for Articles:

Dear Members,

We shall be celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the founding of Mukto- Mona on May 25th and we plan on bringing out a special web page dedicated to the occasion. We invite you to write exclusive articles on any topic you prefer along with your experience of our forums, and also request suggestions on how we may improve our service to you, our very valuable members.

Kindly note that the deadline for articles is May 23rd though we shall be receiving mails about the occasion and our regular discussions as usual throughout this period. Send your article at mukto-mona@yahoogroups.com with a subject heading, "Article for  MM's 5th Anniversary".

We hope that the Mukto-Mona experience has been as intellectually stimulating to you as it has been to us and look forward to hearing from you in detail on this. Please also look forward to some special announcements that we shall be making on this day.

With best wishes from,

Mukto Mona Moderation Team



On forthcoming 25th May 2006, Mukto-Mona will enter its 5th year of existence on the net and beyond. With continuous supports of our valued members, productive writers, dedicated volunteers and supporters, Mukto-Mona has been able to go beyond just an internet based discussion forum (kindly check the link for more detail on MM activities last year to Mukto-Mona and the Road to a Humanist Future). And that’s the cardinal difference  Mukto-Mona holds with other net based forums that are in abundant lately. We love to say, Mukto-Mona signifies a movement—a movement for reason, science and enlightenment.

For our readers, members and well-wishers, we are outlining a draft of what may be called our main focuses for this special year, when we plan to celebrate our 5th anniversary: 

Seminar on Secularism in Bangladesh to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the foundation of Mukto-Mona in  June, 2006. A daylong seminar will be held followed by intensive discussion from the floor. Some prominent personalities and also participants of Mukto-Mona from Dhaka as well as outside will be invited to participate in the seminar. 

Our Second Book, Shotontro Bhabna : Mukto-Monar Nirbachito Probondho”, dedicated to the growth of the comprehensive freethought movement and focusing on Science, Rationalism, Humanism and Feminism  would be published on this occasion as well. Ankur Prokashoni once again has agreed to publish the book. 

Talk going on with International Atheist, Humanist and Freethinking organizations to obtain membership and formally join the international freethinking movement and to publish a science magazine from Bangladesh. 

2nd edition of Mukto-Mona’s first book Alo Hate choliyache Adharer Jatri was  published in this year’s Ekushe Mela as our first edition has been out of the market within the 6 months of its publication. Weekly Bchitra has started publishing MM's another science series on evolution "Bibortoner Poth Dhore", which is also expected come out as a book form in the market soon.

Come and join us to celebrate Mukto-Mona’s 5th anniversary (25th May, 2006). And incase, you know someone in Bangladesh, please send our invitation to join upcoming seminar in mid of this year.

We’ll notify you of the exact timing and venue at a later time. Lastly and most important of all, don’t forget to write to us if you’ve any further suggestions, opinions, ideas as to how we can make our coming days more glorified and illuminated for the people in the region through Mukto-Mona.  

[First Published on August 26, 2005, Updated May 12, 2006]