Mukto-Mona Protests all Human Rights Violations


Mukto-mona is loose confederacy of secular folks predominantly of South Asian descent.  We are an action group and a voice for Bangladeshis and south Asian community.  We protest all form of human rights violations and unjust acts all over the world. 

Mukto-mona has been actively involved in protesting human rights violations against women, minorities in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and the rest of the world.  We actively campaigned for saving the life of Dr M Younus Shaikh in Pakistan from blasphemy act, protecting Hindu minority community in Bangladesh from the atrocities committed against them, stopping minority oppression against Muslim community in Gujarat, protesting and saving Dr. Humayun Azad’s life from the Islamist fundamentalists in Bangladesh, and for the release of Shahriar Kabir, a human rights activists and many more.  Please browse through our petitions and projects to learn more about Mukto-mona’s effort to make our planet a better place to live. 

We are against all forms of subjugation, communalism, political repression, and unilateral war by powerful country against a weak one.  Please join us to promote secularism, remove obscurantism, and help establish a just society worldwide and to uplift human spirit and idealism.






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Gay Rights

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