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This is just to thank you all of those on behalf of MM Moderation Team who participated and contributed toward a lively debates on recent US election. Though some of the members of the Moderation Team leaned on one particular side, MM as a whole, did not endorse either of the two candidates. Moderators' stand was completely personal even though within USA itself practice of endorsing officially a particular candidate by many leading newspapers/think tanks is quite old, and it doesn't damage those newspapers' non-partisan stand. For example- the New York Times endorsed Governor George Pataki of Republican party during last Mayor election in New York City; however, same New York Times has endorsed Senator John Kerry, a Democrat, during recent presidential election. MM posted all the articles/messages both for/against the two candidates so that readers get a whole picture about the candidates' merits and demerits.

However, now since election is long over- we would like to stop all the existing threads on this issue. Exception may be the informative articles from trustworthy sources. No articles aimed at personal level will be posted any more.

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George Bush- Devides US or us by Abul Kasem

When John Kerry, after conceding his defeat in the recently held election, called President Bush he reminded George Bush of the deep chasm that has engulfed the American nation like nothing before.

George Bush agreed with John Kerry.   It looks like this division is now spread all parts of the world, except of course, to the Muslim World. The Muslim World was solidly behind John Kerry. ... ( Read more ... )

Some Afterthoughts on US Election by Bonna Ahmed

Al: “ Syria is history, We will take it very soon” ....

I overheard this discussion as I was approaching my colleague’s office after the election day. These are two educated white southern conservative males living in Atlanta, Georgia, which is one of the strong conservative Republican states. I could not help say, “no wonder , and the rest of the world hates you guys so much.”... ...( Read more ... )


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A Cold Darkness Before Sunshine

The interplay of two opposing forces

These United States of Evangelicals

Vinay Lal - The Morning After

Michael Moore message: My First Thoughts About the Election

The value of selling values grew on Election Day 

In quotes: World reacts to US poll

Because of you, there is hope.

Pondering : On Bush Victory [Dr. Alamgir's response]

Post Election Blues: Senator Kerry’s defeat and take home message for American liberals

Anatomy Of A Crushing Political Defeat

Moving to Canada in the aftermath of Bush's victory?

The problems of e-voting in Florida reported by Associated Press


Excellent job done by MM



US Election 2004
Thoughts at the Final Moments

Whether one supports Bush, or Kerry- one thing is clear: US election 2004 is like no other election in the past. America's national security is at stake, within country there are other crisis' as well: crisis of economy, science, health benefits, social security system , to list a few. Outside USA, the biggest crisis America facing today probably is 'crisis of image'. Those who tend to dismiss such crisis as 'nonexistent' ,or 'restricted to Muslim world only' are deceiving none but themselves for it has not been even a month Daily News reported- with the only exception of Poland, majority people of all countries even in Europe dislike Bush's handling of war, alienating friends and aspire to see Kerry in the oval office in Washington DC.... ( Read More ... )

Why should Mukto-mona support the Kerry-Edwards ticket?
Bush or Kerry ? Kerry, or Bush? - To Voters Trapped into the Dilemma   


Last minute articles:

•  Last hours before US election : The Test for the West!  
Zogby's poll favors Kerry win but Florida is a must state for Democrat
•  One Day Left by Michael Moore
•  "Bin Laden's Vote is For George Bush"  by Robert Fisk

MM Moderators' stand:  

War on Terror: Bush vs. Kerry Jahed and Avijit 
Bush said this?
A light Kerry breeze blowing over Jaffor.

Analysis/ Debate/discussion:

Kerry for President fwd by  Arefin
Re- Rebuttal to Ali Sina on US election  Bonna  
George Bush for Second Term? No way! Jahed 
The Independent - A gonzo look at Bush Robin 
When religion and politics mix Arefin 
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Is Kerry-Edwards a winning ticket? Jaffor 
The United States: Bush's record fwd by Robin 
Why I'm (Slightly) for Bush fwd by  Jamal Hasan 
Perhaps China sensed that Bush’s days are numbered ! Jaffor.

Who will win?

Bush will win 

Re: Bush will win- Mahbub Kamal
Re: Bush will win - Nondini
Re: Bush will win ? Think for a while ... Avijit 
Re: Bush will win ? Think for a while ... Jaffor.
Re: Bush will win ? Then it would mean Dark Times! 

On Bin Laden's video and Members' reaction
spacerFULL STORY  (courtesy: CNN) 
Bin Laden video threatens America 
For immediate release: Kerry on Bin Laden Tape [Response
Bin Laden threatens more attacks in new tape  
Dr. AH Jaffor Ullah on Bin Laden's Video Message  

Iraq War:

Mortality before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq: cluster sample survey 
100,000 Iraqi civilians (non-American humans?) have died in war !!

Funny video on election 2004 (activate your sound system)

He's an A$$-hole!
Florida vote.. 
(sentby Ferdaus Hasan, Ph.D. candidate)


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