Victory Day Greetings from the MM Moderators

The whole nation today celebrates the 36th anniversary of its glorious Victory Day to uphold the spirit of liberation, secularism and democracy as opposed to autocracy, theocracy and/or, any closed system that hinder peoples progress. Please accept our warmest greetings on occasion of the 35th Victory Day of Bangladesh. As a token of homage to the three million martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the Liberation War and to create

awareness among the people, we have created a special victory day page. We have tried to make it as diverse as possible by including articles, songs, poetry, recollections and also thoughts of a few second generation of Bangladeshi Americans about the land of their parents and ancestors.

We hope our readers find our special page enjoyable. We specially thank our members for sending several important documents/files and links pertaining to the Victory Day.

We sincerely believe- dream of the three million martyrs and the two hundred thousand women victims shall not perish, and Bangladesh will find its place as a dignified, democratic and secular country in the history.

Together we can make it for sure!

Best wishes,
Mukto-Mona Moderation Team
16 December, 2006


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