Objection in connection to the allegedly to- be- made documentary film ‘Prabir the Rationalist’

This Prabir Ghosh is little more than a fake medical practitioner-- says Gour Adhikari

  Published April 02, 2006

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 06:52:33 -0800 (PST)
From: "Sc and Rationalists' Assoc"
Subject: Objection in connection to the allegedly to- be- made docu film ‘Prabir the Rationalist’
To: newsdesk@nationalgeographic.com
CC: Mukto-Mona

Dear Sirs,

We have come to know from a Bengali daily (AAJKAAL, 15.03.2005) that you are going to produce a documentary film on one ‘rationalist’ Prabir Ghosh in which, the news says, he would be portrayed as the General Secretary of Bharatia Bigyan O Yuktibadi Samiti (Science and Rationalists’ Association of India) and a distinguished leader of the science and rationalist movement in India. In this context we find it necessary to inform you some facts about this person:

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1. This Prabir Ghosh is little more than a fake medical practitioner. In some books written by him, he claimed himself to be a psychiatric healer, particularly a hypnotherapist, without having acquired any relevant training or academic qualification. Some relevant portions of one of his books are sent herewith which are in Bengali, but may please be translated.

2. Hypnotherapic treatment procedures elaborately described by him in one of his books have been reviewed by renowned experts of this field from three different quarters – namely Indian Medical Association ( West Bengal Chapter), a Kolkata based professional organization of psychiatrists and psychologists called ‘Diagnostic and Applied Neuropsychiatric Association’ and Prof. Arup Ghosal, Reader of the Department of Applied Psychology of Kolkata University. All the three reports have separately but equivocally rejected Prabir Ghosh’s special techniques of hypnotherapy as not only unscientific but also perverted. All the reports are sent herewith.

3. Prabir Ghosh has against him several allegations of sexual harassments of his female ‘patients’ in the name of hypnotherapic treatment. One of such ‘patients’ has filed a relevant complain in a relevant criminal court under section 354 / 419 of Indian Penal Code ( Case no C1268/1996, court no 1, Barrackpur Criminal Court, North 24 Pgs, West Bengal, India) which is still pending. Relevant papers are sent herewith.

4. Prabir Ghosh also engaged himself in abusing that above-mentioned woman complainant with filthy words through telephone, a fact clearly substantiated by a report of the department of telecommunications of the Govt. of India and by a charge-sheet prepared by the local police station. In this connection too, a state-versus case against Prabir Ghosh under section 509 IPC is pending in the Barrackpur Criminal Court (DUM DUM P.S. case No. 329 of 1996). Relevant papers are sent herewith.

5. This Prabir Ghosh was actually expelled on the charge of such acts of fraudulence and malpractice from Bharatia Bigyan O Yuktibadi Samiti (Science & Rationalists’ Association of India) long back in 1996, and the news was covered by widely circulated Bengali dailies . Some relevant news clippings are sent herewith. They are in Bengali, but may please be translated to make them speak for themselves.

Regarding this expulsion, several court cases are still pending in two different courts of West Bengal. So, if this Prabir Ghosh is projected in a TV program as the General Secretary of the above organization, that may not be entirely without legal and ethical complications .

We don’t know for sure whether the news of making a documentary film on Prabir Ghosh have any basis or not. But if this is true, we find it very shocking that such a person may be presented as a representative of the science and rationalist movement in India. And again, we think, such a step won’t even be compatible with the stature and dignity of National Geographic.

So, as a responsible organization working for two decades in the sphere of science and rationalist movement, we deem it our duty to draw your attention to the above-mentioned facts.

We would be keen to have your response in this regard.

Thanking you,

Gour Adhikari
General Secretary
31 Prankrishna Saha Lane, Baranagar, Kolkata 700036, West Bengal, INDIA

Prabir Ghosh refutes the allegation of Gour Adhikari

The whole conspiracy was instigated by a group of astrologers & funded N.G.O.s -  says Prabir.

From: "Sumitra Padmanavan"
To: Mukto-Mona 
Subject: S.R.A.I. news
Date: Tue, 05 Apr 2005 10:35:26 +0530



  • On 18.8.1996, some members of the Science & Rationalists Association (S.R.A.I) & Humanists Association had reported to all the newspapers published from Kolkata, that they had expelled Prabir Ghosh from the association, on various charges, on an unanimous decision taken by the members.

  • Only 4 local papers reported the matter that, as informed by one Debasish Bhattacharya, Prabir Ghosh has been expelled from his organisation.

  • Since the whole conspiracy was instigated by a group of astrologers & funded N.G.O.s, and the matter was done in a hurry, without a proper Jt. General meeting or a Jt. Executive committee meeting, a Requisition General meeting was called on 13.10.96.

  • In the requisition General meeting, Prabir Ghosh was unanimously retained as the Gen. Secretary and the conspirators were expelled from the association.

  • To stop the above-cited meeting, the conspirators had asked for an injunction from the court, but the injunction was vacated.

  • Then as the next step, the dissidents filed cases at District court & the City Civil court, complaining that Prabir Ghosh was illegally working as the G.S. of S.R.A.I.

  • The opponents lost the case at the city civil court. It was mentioned in the report that the meeting dtd. 13.10.96. was valid and the committee formed there was legal. None of the allegations brought by the dissidents have been proved yet. (enclosure no. 1a, 1b, 1c, 1d)

  • Against this, the opponents went to the High Court and lost the case there too. (encl. 2a, 2b)

  • Of the 4 daily newspapers that published the news on 19.8.96, two have closed down. SHONAR BANGLA, later reported the news, that as per court order, Prabir Ghosh was still the G.S. of S.R.A.I. (encl. 3)

  • The 2 remaining daily papers AJKAL & SAMVAD PRATIDIN have reported many times, during the past years, upto the present day, that Prabir Ghosh is the G.S. of S.R.A.I (encl. newspaper sample - a, b).

  • The Registrar of Societies, in their certified copy of annual returns, has mentioned the name of Prabir Ghosh as the General Secretary of the association, and the address of the regd. office is 72/8, Debinibas Road, Kolkata 700074, since the inception of the assn. in 1989. till today. (encl. 4a, 4b, 4c )

  • W. Bengal government has taken steps against the conspirators for false allegation & defamation, and sent a copy to Prabir Ghosh (encl. 5)

  • After the present incident in connection with Satyanand, some astrologers and T.V. channels run by astrologers and also a few daily newspapers have joined hands to defame the Rationalists & particularly Prabir Ghosh. It is clear that the opponents are puppets in their hands and are dancing to their tune.

The enclosures are being sent separately. Since the conspirators are continuing to spread defamatory rumors and creating confusion, it is felt that these details are still important and should be on record.

Attachments are kept in the following folder:


Prabir Ghosh
General Secretary

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