From the Dictionary of the Life of a Daily Wage Earner

Mehul Kamdar 

Published on February 13, 2007

is the sandwich
that the package handler forgot on the bus
is his handkerchief with his bus fare,
some coins
which would not allow him to buy lunch
is the pink dress that he sees everyday from the bus' windows as he passes the big store,
just the right size for his little girl,
which his Helplessness would not let him buy
is the smile and hug that he gets from his little girl,
she doesn't care that he has come home empty handed
is the dark of night when he falls asleep in his wife's arms,
lost to the world, lost to his wife and little girl,
a log, snoring, stiff and in the Heaven of his dreams
where he sees himself with his family,
his girl wearing the pink dress, running on the beach 
is the red morning sky,
red like blood, a reminder of Death;
the Death of dreams of Heaven,
of dreams of his little girl wearing the pink dress,
of him with his wife and daughter on the beach, her running by the sea
is his birthright;
a promise from the world that no matter what he does,
this is all he could expect
Life is the passage of time
between his Dreams and his daily Death;
an experience that makes no difference to anyone,
a process that would go on until it ends,
systematically, methodically, and slow.

Mehul Kamdar, originally a native of Tamilnadu, India, is currently based in Chicago, USA. He is the co-moderator of Mukto-Mona forum and was the editor of The Modern Rationalist under late M D Gopalakrishnan  and associated with various rationalist movements during his stay in India. Mehul Kamdar can be reached at