Dear Mukto-monas, 

Instead of narrating my dreadful experience of 25th March night and the subsequent days in Dhaka today I am sympathizing with common people of Iraq on whom USA led allied force thrust on a war as did Yahya on us 32 years back. We defeated the evil force, so you will my Iraqi brethren. I have no love for Saddam. Let him go to hell, but I have deepest love and sympathy for you and your beloved country, a cradle of human civilization. Here are my feelings on Iraqi war, that I called an Immoral war thrust on peace loving people of Iraq. 

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Ajoy Roy.



An Immoral War thrust upon Iraqi People

- Ajoy Roy



Today is 25th March. It flashed back in my mind the horror and ferocity of Pakistani army action I witnessed in that dreadful night. No I will never forget this night nor I will ever forgive those Pakistani hyenas in human form. To our estimate at least 10 thousand poor men and women were brutally killed by those hyenas on that very night, let loose by the army junta of Pakistan led by that beast named Yahya. Only Pakistanis could deserve such leader.     

But today I will not remember those dreadful events. My heart bleeds with those of my Iraqi brothers experiencing similar tragic events at the hands of another beast in human form, the junior Bush. The Similarity of the two nights 25th Marc and 21st March is too close to my assessment. My natural sympathy goes with suffering people of Iraq and condemned Bush as I did once Yahya.    

I am mortified, dejected and my conscience, in tune with the millions of common men and women of the world, is crying with despair, pain and anguish. Despair- because I can’t do anything to prevent or stop it, pain- because I have seen what and how war could bring distress and sufferings to the common men of the country on which the war is thrust upon by the maniac war mongers, anguish- because the peace loving world failed to prevent it.

Today, I only wish that the nightmares of the Iraqi people- the common men, women, children, sick & disabled, should end the quickest way. How to do it ? I have no answer. I can as a humanist issue statement, participate in protest meetings and anti-war demonstrations or show black flags in front of the US embassy and submit memorandum condemning Bush’s military action urging him to bring an end of it forthwith. But I knew in my heart that all those civilized actions of ours would not do anything. But why ? Because I believe the war thrust on Iraq is a personal account on the part of the US president to settle with Saddam Hosain, the all-powerful dictator of Iraqi Republic. After the last gulf war in 1991, the senior Bush had expected that Saddam could be eliminated from Iraqi seat of power by CIA designed conspiracy or would be thrown out by Iraqi people themselves after this humiliating defeat at the hands of the US led allied power and the devastation and immense sufferings they witnessed during the one sided war. Instead, Saddam not only continued to reign Iraq but since the gulf war he had emerged more powerful consolidating his dictatorial power over Iraq and its people and   establishing total control on the state machinery in spite of economic sanction and other punitive measures, endorsed by UNO and other countries against Iraq. During these days Iraqi people suffered but could not or did not overthrow Saddam Hossain either through ballot or by any military coup-de-tat. This enraged the senior Bush who in spite of all his efforts failed to eliminate Saddam from the scene of Iraq. The junior Bush as legacy has inherited this frustration coupled with rage and spirit of vengeance from his father. Since the successful war against Taliban Government of Afghanistan with the support and blessings of all democratic and peace loving people who opposed fundamentalism, obscurantism, terrorism, extreme conservatism and oppression on the common people of Afghanistan, particularly on womenfolk the junior Bush put himself in the role of protecting peace in the world and championing anti-terrorism. He discovered that Iraq is a terrorist country so it must be punished in a similar way as done in Taliban Governed Afghanistan. Thus he tried to maneuver the world opinion against Saddam governed Iraq depicting it as a terrorist country having link with Al Quida and such other organizations.

 The war against Iraq once again exposed the following : 

  • Ineffectiveness of the world body UNO and the security council itself
  • How powerless is the Secretary General of the world body.
  • Anti war voice throughout the world including those in USA and UK proved futile against a supreme power USA and its staunch ally UK.
  • Most of the established governments of world countries including China, Russia, France and Germany, though condemned the unilateral military action but failed to take combined effective measure including military ones against the so called allied power to stop its armed adventure.


I remember today, 25th March, the horrible nightmare we witnessed in Dhaka with the rest of the country when the Pakistani army numbering at least one division equipped with tanks, rocket launchers, howitzer and most sophisticated weapons fell on the sleeping population of Dhaka at the dark night. I find a close similarity between the actions of Pakistani Military Junta led by General Yahya and the warmongers of USA led by president Bush. Both acted against humanity; both declared war on innocent people ignoring and flouting the world opinion. General Yahya declared war against an unarmed people, whereas on the other hand junior Bush thrust a war on a week nation. In comparison to the power & effectiveness of allied force, Iraq is just a pigmy, a helpless entity. The only fault of Iraq is that a dictator called Saddam is ruling it. But there are so many dictators in so many countries where there is no semblance of democratic institution reflecting the opinion of the people, it never occurred to me that for this very reason a supreme power could take military action against one such country ignoring UNO and flouting world opinion and peaceful method. But what is the fault of Iraq ?

 In the eye of junior Bush Iraq is 

  • a terrorist country
  • nourishes fundamentalism and obscurantism; in here no religious freedom does exist.
  • religiously blind country
  • a country run by a self styled autocrat termed himself President.
  • a country who defied UNO resolutions and build up military arsenal against the  sanctions of UNO.

 But since gulf war of 1991, Iraq is virtually a prisoner under the watchdogs of USA and other powerful countries and the UNO. Militarily it is probably the weakest nation. Yes Saddam had committed many crimes against his people and possibly his terrorism new no bounds. But all these were confined within his country. We did not know Saddam ever exported terrorism to outside world least in USA. He had never known to have trained Palestinians and exported them to Israel. Even his worst enemy can charge him with remotest possibility of his connection with notorious 11th September incident. An international terrorist group, Al Queda, with its hundred of centers in many Moslem countries destroyed the twin towers by skillful mechanism that turned two American domestic planes into missiles. 

No one except president Bush believes that Saddam has or had any connection with Laden or his terrorist organization. Even his countrymen believe in this doctrine that justifies military action against Saddam, nay Iraq, a country which gave birth of so many prophets and men of learning in the past. So Iraq or Saddam is a terrorist country, charge that bear no credence. 

Saddam may be a dictator, but he was never or now is a religiously blind man. In fact his Baath party is being accused of secular party with socialistic bias. He is not anti Islamic, but he could not be depicted as a fundamentalist. Iraq is a country where Shiaism has deep influence over its people but Sunnism is also an important sect in Iraq. It is a country where Shiaites and Sunnis live together from centuries with equal rights and privilege compared to many other Muslim countries. 

Yes Saddam is an autocratic ruler, and his country has no democracy or a state mechanism through which people can choose their representative freely and independently. This is of course is not desirable, but there are so many countries particularly in Arab and Muslim Countries where democracy does not or did not exist. The democracy and Islam, as it appears at least on the surface, does not go together. But surely this does not warrant on the part of the superpower to strike Iraq, a poor and helpless country having no military power compared with USA or UK. 

Mr. Bush are you sure you acted with clear conscience of yours or your motive was entirely a personal vengeance against Saddam, an enemy of your father, to teach a lesson to arrogant and defiant Saddam. But Mr. Bush your arrogance of power is no less which would bring immense sufferings to Iraqi people but to many of the so called underdeveloped countries like us or even to common people of your country.


More in my next episode. (Continued to Part II)


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