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 Muktanwesa (Free Inquest): A Creative Biannual Journal

 Ajoy Roy 

Published on May 04, 2007


Dear members,

On behalf of Muktomona of Dhaka group and Shiksa Andolan Mancha I am making an earnest request to you all, whatever country of origin you may have, to contribute articles for the first issue of our Bengali journal, Muktanwesa, hopefully to be brought out in July 2007. The journal would be dedicated to humanism, secularism, rationalism, freethinking and free inquest, education and science. The Journal is being published under the joint effort of MM and Shiksa Andolan Mancha from Dhaka. Those who feel uncomfortable writing in Bangla or non-Bangla speaking members of MM may send their articles in English; we will do the translation.

It is aimed that the first volume be brought out in July, 2007. So we would very much appreciate to have your articles by the 1st week of June, 2007.

Muktanwesa (Free Inquest): A Creative Biannual Journal.

A structure, tentatively approved, its goals etc is enclosed herewith in Bangla (see pdf file). If you cannot make head and tail of it in your computer, please let us know we will make the English version available. You will see that we have included a member of MM in the Steering/ Policy making body of the Journal. Kindly suggest a name from amongst you.

Kindly send your articles at :

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CC to

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We will soon open a website for the magazine Muktanwesa. Once again soliciting your earnest cooperation.

Ajoy Roy


April 2, 2007.



Prof. Ajoy K. Roy--a reputed scientist and human rights activist from Bangladesh--is the member of Mukto-Mona advisory board. He writes from Dhaka.