Government Concedes defeat at Kansat

 Ajoy Roy 

Published on May 03, 2009

The Janata under the inspiring leadership of Janab Golum Robbani, leader of the Sangram Parisad. The government accepted all the demands of the Sangram Parisad in a negotiation table between the Leaders of the Sangram Parisad and high power committee members constituted by the government. Janab Robbbani and Mr. Mirza Golum Fakhrul Islam, minister of civil aviation and tourism & leader of the government party signed the agreement on behalf of the Sangram Parisad and the government party. The government solemnly pledged that within a month the demands of the parisad would be materialized. The knowledgeable lobby termed the Governmentís accession to demands of the mass as ignoble defeat on the part of the government, which many called similar to rubbing nose on the floor (Nake Kshat).  

It is learned that normalcy has been restored in the life of Kansat people. 19 km road from Kansat to Sonamasjid land port is now free from police vigilance with police nowhere to be seen in the locality. The victorious mass held a mass rally followed by big processions. The triumphant leader Golum Robbani led the procession who pledged that he will be always with the people.  

Ajoy Roy


February 07, 2009


Prof. Ajoy K. Roy, is a reputed scientist and human rights activist from Bangladesh