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Islam and the Woman

 Part 3 (Revised)

Dr Younus Shaikh


Iran was conquered by the ferrous Islamic Bedouins in 7th Century, its men killed in hundreds of thousands, others taken as slaves, its fertile lands distributed to the new Islamic Bedouin feudal lords and the loyal local tribes, its women and children sold into slavery. Men and women were forced to choose between Islam and death. Many decided for the lesser evil- the Islam; others were lucky to be given the choice of converting to Islam or accepting the status of Zimmis, non-Muslims living as second class citizens in the Islamic state while paying poll-tax, called the Jaziya, to the Islamic government. The uncultured Islamic Bedouins sat on the seat of a highly civilized kingdom and soon the centuries old, great Iranian civilization was degraded into virtual barbarism. Scholarly works were destroyed; highly learned Zorothashts were forced to flee. Iranian dress and cultural activities and traditions were banned, their legal code disregarded and in its place the Islamic Bedouin code consisting of socially and mentally backward tribal brutal customs was enforced. The end of highly developed civilization and culture was a painful process; for not only it was crude Arabisation, it was also a social and cultural degradation. A large number of people belonging to the local ethnic, racial and cultural groups refused to live under the Bedouin barbarism and fled to the surrounding mountains mixing with the Kurdish tribes. Iranian civilization soon responded with wars of independence and rebellions; the family of the Iranian Royal House fled to China and tried to enlist an army to regain their country and civilization but the ferocious Islamic Bedouins proved to be too destructive, and crude barbarism won over a fine civilization. Today’s Iran is basically an Islamic spiritual colony under the painful presence of the offspring of ethnic Islamic Bedouins who still hold the possession of the lands once confiscated, looted and plundered by their forefathers. Historically, however, since the Abbasid Islamic Caliphate of the 8th Century, Iran had belonged to the dissident Islamic Bedouin religious sect-the Shiites. After the Khomeni’s bloody Islamic revolution, the Islamic reconquest for Iranian souls was restarted. While hundreds of thousands perished in the useless Islamic Iran versus Islamic Iraq war, the rest of the Iranians were forced to undergo a renewed “cultural revolution”- the process of enforced Arabisation and Islamisation. The result was a backward looking, fundamentalist and fanatic, Islamic theocratic state of Iran bent on exporting its brand of Shiite Islamic cultural revolution and terrorism all over the Islamic countries. Today the Islamic theocracy of Iran is the godfather of the international Shiite Islamic terrorism. (Iranian Shiites are an Islamic sect like the Protestant Christians distinct from the Saudi Sunnis who are an Islamic sect like the Catholic Christians). This Allah's government in Iran has proved to be the most evil religious state in the world today. Torture, murder and Islamic absolutism have transformed it into an Islamic version of Hitler's Nazi-ism, Stalin's Communism and Mussolini's Fascism combined together. There were 5,195 political and religious executions only in 1983 alone! Few years ago a bill was presented in Iranian Parliament asking that in according with the tradition of Islamic prophet, Iranian mullahs and Taliban be allowed with 9 years old child-girls! Human rights are definitely not allowed to exist in the Islamic Republic Iran (a state thousand times worse than the past Iranian kingdom), where, according to the English language Radio Iran, the Holy Spirit of Imam Khomeni hovers over the country all the times. Women suffer the worst, many women have been hanged on suspicion of sexual crimes. Even proved virgins have been sent to gallows, however, they are hanged only after being Islamically raped, as Iranian Islam does not allow hanging of virgins. Iran had used its oil money in the interest of Islamic revolutions all over the world, and continues to do so.

Algeria, known for its Islamic civil war continues with its Islamic horrors. Islamic absolutism and totalitarianism is imposed with guns and slaughters in the interest of religion of Islam. Men are usually killed for their religio-political crimes while women are killed just for the crime of being a woman in an Islamic country. Thousands were islamically raped and more than 500 were killed only in 1993. Women have been killed for not wearing hijab (veil) or refusing to do so when imposed, for refusing to engage in Iranian-style temporary marriage, for being married to foreign men, and for working and living alone. The victims have been as young as 9 years and as old as 69 years. Women are often raped and tortured before being slaughtered. Thousands find themselves imprisoned in Islamic camps for no legitimate reasons. It is worth mentioning that women had a respectable status in society before the conquest of Algeria by Islam.

Egyptians, heir to the great Pharonic and Alexandrian civilizations continue to suffer the chronic evil of Islam. Known for the miseries of hijab and female genital mutilation, Egypt is also a center of child prostitution for the wealthy Saudi Islamic Bedouins. In Egypt four out of five women are forced to wear some kind of hijab. Female genital mutilation is very common; up to 73% in Cairo and 95% in rural areas. In 1995 a shaikh (religious dignity) of Al-Azhar University Cairo issued a fatwa (the religious decree or bull), which reportedly announced the procedure pf Female Genital Mutilation as "laudable practice that does honor to women"; and stating that it was, a religious duty as important as praying to Allah.

Sudan had a long history of Islamic conquest and repression. Islamic totalitarianism and barbarity continues to this day. Recently, Sudan was brutalized by the Saudi-backed Gen. Numeri's Islamic fascism. In 1992 religious decree (fatwa) was issued that gave justification to the military onslaught against the non-Muslims. Islamic barbarism and genocide continues in Darfur to this day.

Indonesian Islamic army mass-murdered 200,000 East Timurian non-Muslims before East Timor got its independent. The country is known for its extreme religiosity, corruption, ethno-religious problems and Islamic extremism.

Pakistan, an experimental laboratory of Islam, had turned into a horror. Notwithstanding the hundreds of thousands of religious rapes, abductions and murders under the watchful eyes of the very Christian administration ofr the Holy Roman British Empire at the time of religious division of the Indian sub-continent in 1947 by the Empire, when half a million people were forced to migrate, Pakistan has never made any certain move towards civilization and continues to be a center of the Islamic fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism. Pakistan's very Islamic army invaded her province of East Pakistan in 1971, killing hundreds of thousands of Bengali Muslims and non-Muslims directly or through their Islamic criminal gangs (Al-Shamas ans Al-Badar of Jamaat-I-Islami) and raping more than two hundred thousand women ranging 9-69 years in age in its attempt to create a half breed Pak-Bengal race which would be loyal to Islam and Pakistan. In 1974 Pakistan army invaded its province of Baluchistan resulting in similar calamities. In 1980 Islamist General Zia ul Haq introduced further islamization under the Saudi pressure for introduction of the medieval and tribal Islamic Shariah. Along with the compulsory public prayers, there were brutal Islamic laws against the very natural sexual acts and for the presumed blasphemy: the repressive Hudood Ordinance and the infamous Blasphemy laws. Thousands of innocent women continue to suffer under these and other Islamic fascist laws for mere allegations. Raped women had been sent to gallows for the crime of being raped. (Islamic Shariah is the only system of law, which punishes the victims: Fatemollah). Pakistani state has proved to be a willing and sinister instrument of the evil Islamic mullah fascism and terrorism. Pakistan created the hated Afghan Taliban and many other such organizations in Afghanistan. Similar organizations continue to flourish in Pakistan and try to create a totalitarian and fascist Islamic state. Despite all tall claims of fight against the Islamic terrorism, the evil continues to flourish. Pakistan is undoubtedly a major source of supply for the Iraqi terrorism. Illicit drug trade continues with the blessings of the Islamic mullahs and the ISI (the Islamic Military Intelligence) There are Islamic prostitution centers in every Islamic city of the Islamic Pakistan where abducted and non-Muslims women are forced to suffer the very religious Muslims. The secular, liberal and rationalist intellectuals continue to suffer in Pakistan like the victims of the infamous Christian Inquisition of medieval Europe. While the Christian churches burnt the heretics, Islamic mullahs get them indicted for Blasphemy and get them locked in the Death-Cells.

Eternal vigilance is the price of civilization.

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