Online Archive of the 1971 War of Liberation & Genocide
১৯৭১-?র স?বাধীনতা য?দ?ধ ও গণহত?যা সম?পর?কিত অনলাইন আর?কাইভ

Compiled and edited by:
Jahed Ahmed
গ?রন?থনা ও সম?পাদনাঃ জাহেদ আহমদ

Some feedback/comments

ম?ক?তিয?দ?ধ নিয়ে ?কটি ইন?টারনেট উদ?যোগ
কাজী ফাহিম আহমেদ (প?রথম আলো)

ম?ক?তিয?দ?ধের উপরে আর?কাইভ    অভিজি রায়

৭১ জান?ক পরের প?রজন?ম
[প?রথম আলো]

ইন?টারনেটে ম?ক?তিয?দ?ধ
[দৈনিক য?গান?তর]


Prof. Ali Riaz, Illinois State University, USA:

You're doing a great job. This should have been done by the BD Government long time ago. I am impressed by your dedication. Salute to Mukto-Mona.

Ali Riaz

Priyanka Silmi, Freelance Journalist, Dhaka:

Dear Mr. Jahed Ahmed,
My heartiest congratulations to you and Muktomona for compiling such an online archive. At a time, when the real history of our Liberation War is being threatened, an initiative like this was truly essential. I believe this would give this internet generation a platform to get rid of their confusion and learn more about our glorious history. My kudos to everybody involved with this initiative.

Personally, I am very passionate about our Liberation War and loves to study the subject in my free time. Also, I work as a feature-writer for an English monthly magazine. So, I was just wondering if I could let more people know about this initiative keeping my magazine as a medium. I'd really like to know about how you came up with this idea, any difficulties you faced, your motivation to work on this and so on.

I again thank you for taking such an initiative. Also, because of my personal interest, I'd be very eager to help in contributing to the archive.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Priyanka Silmi

Dr. Khurshed Chowdhury, USA:

Dear Jahed,
I highly appreciate your noble quest of preserving/archiving historical records of BD.s glorious liberation war of 1971 and especially the records and evidences of genocide.  I have glanced through your format of this plan and I liked it very much. I think this is a most needed job for MM.

Khurshed Chowdhury

Adam Jones, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia:

Dear Jahed,
Thank you very much for your message. Congratulations on your own important work, and I am glad you are linking to my Gendercide Watch page.

Best wishes,

Adam Jones, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Dept. of Political Science
University of British Columbia Okanagan
3333 University Way
Kelowna, B.C., Canada V1V 1V7

Senior Book Review Editor, Journal of Genocide Research
Executive Director, Gendercide Watch:
Personal website:

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