"History is to the nation as memory is to the individual. As persons deprived of memory become disoriented and lost, not knowing where they have been and where they are going, so a nation denied a conception of the past will be disabled in dealing with its present and its future."  
Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., Pulitzer Prize winner American historian & biographer

Mukto-Mona Online Archive of the 1971 War of Liberation & Genocide

Designed, compiled and edited by:
Jahed Ahmed


Mukto-Mona dedicates this online archive to the memories of the millions of martyrs (known and unknown) of 1971 Liberation War in Bangladesh
National Memorial of Bangladesh
Wish you a prosperous 2008 & beyond! We do appreciate your interest
in Bangladesh & 1971.


Mukto-Mona is putting an effort to create an online archive of the 1971 liberation war & genocide. This archive, which we hope to make the largest of its type, would contain links to all available literature, video footage, and text documents pertaining to the 1971 liberation war. The purpose of creating such archive is two fold: 1. To accommodate all the references (digital & text) of the liberation war in one place and 2. To make the 1971 easily accessible to both Bangla (formerly, Bengali) and non-Bangla speaking people as 1971 liberation war is considered by many the most glorious event in the history of Bangalees. Our target readers especially include, but not limited to, the second generations of many expatriate Bangalees who can not read Bangla but are keen on knowing the history of the land of their parents and ancestors. With this purpose in mind, we have broadly categorized this archive into English and Bangla. Needless to mention, this is a tedious yet crucial task. We have tried to make a start and would like to request all our dear readers and members to help us in this effort. We would be happy to acknowledge the contribution and source of any reference that would be provided. So far we have tried to acknowledge and mention sources wherever possible. Nevertheless, any unintended error would be immediately taken care of, once it is brought to our attention.

Jahed Ahmed
Co-moderator & editorial board member
November 14, 2007    

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